Commercial Steam Cleaning in Boca Raton

Boca Carpet Cleaning handles corporate accounts of all types. We steam clean offices, banks, plazas, convention centers, hotels, and more. We also work to establish long-standing relationships with property managers and realtors to satisfy all their steam cleaning needs. Our commercial steam cleaning includes all carpets, runners, tiled areas, sofas, and upholstered chairs. If your office contains something else that can be steam cleaned, for instance cubicle dividers, call us and schedule a free estimate. We won’t route you to a foreign call center. Actual technicians are standing by, ready to answer the phone and talk about satisfying your steam cleaning needs.

Boynton Beach Office Cleaning

If you work in a legal or medical office and have a lot of sensitive documents and equipment, you’ll want to hire only the best steam cleaning service. Boca Carpet Cleaning trains each and every technician on handling jobs in these types of settings. We won’t damage any equipment or documents, and we will adhere to any HIPAA or other corporate privacy standards.

Delray Beach Corporate Cleaning Services

  Does your office or business see a lot of foot traffic? Do you have customers and employees tracking in dirt or spilling food on carpets and upholstery? Boca Carpet Cleaning offers a Corporate Cleaning Package that may be right for you. If your office or business requires three or more cleanings per year, call us today to discuss our annual steam cleaning package for businesses and see if it is right for you. Eligible businesses can save between 30% and 50% from standard single-job pricing.

Palm Beach County Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can stop a business dead in its tracks. Standing water and flooding can make it literally impossible for employees to complete regular tasks and for customers to engage in routine transactions. If water damage occurs in your store or office, call us immediately for emergency water damage extraction services. Boca Carpet Cleaning is professionally certified in extraction and remediation of all three basic types of water damage. Clean water comes from natural disasters like rainstorms and hurricanes, or leaky appliances like refrigerators and water coolers. Chemical water comes from other appliances like soapy water from washing machines or dishwashers. Sewage water comes from backed up septic lines. No matter what type of water damage your office, store, or business is afflicted with, trust Boca Carpet Cleaning’s team of local water damage restoration experts.