Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

We offer professional, top quality cleaning of tile and grout. With up to 240 degrees of steam jettisoned at up to 1000 PSI, years of dirt and grime will be whisked away. You won’t believe how clean your floor will be! Just ask for a free demonstration. With our customer satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have the nicest floors in Boca. Our kind and courteous technicians are professionally trained an in-house certified. We use non-acid alkaline cleaning solutions that won’t harm the environment. We offer the best tile and grout line cleaning in Boca, as well as superior customer service. Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to give you a free estimate. We also offer same day service Sunday through Friday.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pet stains can penetrate tile and grout, leaving a lasting smell and a stain that is difficult to remove. Once uric acid dries, it crystalizes and gets trapped in the pores of your tile and grout. At this point, only professional steam cleaning can eliminate the stain and odor. Call us today to have your pet stains and odor removed. With specialized enzymatic treatments that digest uric acid and powerful steam cleaning, pet stains and odors are whisked away. You can go back to enjoying quality time with your beloved pet and forget that the accident ever happened.

Mexican Tile Cleaning

Certain types of tile require special cleaning methods. For floors like Mexican tile we buff, steam clean, then seal your tile. This method can be used on other floor types like Terrazzo. Our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning units are regarded as the best in the business, capable of removing years of dirt and grime that has been trampled into your tile and grout. Call us today for your free in home estimate.

Marble Tile and Natural Stone Cleaning

Marble and other natural stone tiles like slate and limestone require special care. We buff, clean, polish, and seal natural flooring. This ensures the best results. Our industry leading truck mounted steam cleaning units whisk away dirty wastewater into our vehicle’s holding tank. No noisy equipment is brought into your home, only the hoses.

Shower and Bathroom Cleaning

Other companies avoid cramped, hard to clean areas like showers and bathrooms. We use special crevice tools that make cleaning these areas easy. You bathroom and shower will come out just as clean as the rest of your flooring. Years of dirt and soap scum are powered away by steam and water pressure.